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  • Added Pagination Support

    Support for pagination of post lists was added a few days ago! Pull the latest commit from GitHub and you will be able to use this feature. Pagination affects the list of all posts and list of each ta

  • New Stuff So Far

    This post lists new features and changes introduced so far since the last post. Now the Serum command line program displays more detailed help texts for each task. If serum help is run without any arg

  • Two Changes are Coming

    UPDATE: These changes are now merged to master branch. (May 26) I recently have made two changes which adds flexibility to Serum’s functionalities. Those changes are not yet available on master branch

  • Serum Now Uses 2-Pass Approach

    For a recent few days, I have worked on changing Serum’s internal behavior on a different branch, and this branch was finally merged to master. Now Serum builds projects through 2-pass procedure! Unti

  • Welcome to Serum Blog!

    This is the official blog of Serum, a static website generator written in Elixir programming language. Information about new features and significant changes will be mainly posted on this blog. For ri